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The Dynamite Trail is a non-profit, community led association that cares for the 10km trail going from Martins River to Mahone Bay. It is a multi-use trail with bicyclists, walkers, runners, dog walkers, ATVers, snowmobiles and occasionally horses. It operates well through kindness and people respecting each other and the rules of the trail. The number one rule of the trail is safety; respect all users. Faster vehicles need to slow down and allow for slower people/bikes/strollers/animals. The number two rule is leave nothing behind. No garbage in the parking lots, on the trail or in the woods (including dog bags, bottles, coffee cups etc). We have a full explanation of Trail Etiquette from our friends at NS Trails here Trails Rules and Etiquette

The trail has yellow gates in important spots (like near a road or a parking lot) that help people realize it is time to slow down and be on the lookout for people and vehicles. These gates are universally 66″ wide. This is a number set by DNRR and the Dynamite Trail has no control over that, we are a group of volunteers that work within the boundaries that DNRR set for the Trail. We work hard to keep the trail in good condition for all users but occasionally after weather events it takes awhile to get the funding and contractors to restore the trail. Please check the website or Facebook page to see the status of the trail after storms. You can do your part as a trail user by following the rules, being patient and kind to people/animals you meet on the trail and volunteering some time to help maintain the trail.

The Dynamite Trail is funded by grants, donations, and in-kind help. Your donation can significantly help our trail! All donations are managed by NS Trails Federation and donors receive a charitable tax receipt. Donations can be made through NS Trails and by selecting Dynamite Trail Association under ‘Fund’.

Get involved in your community and help keep the Dynamite Trail beautiful. We are always looking for volunteers, in-kind help and donations.

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